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AMERICAN RELAYS, INC. is a privately owned, independent Reed Relay manufacturing company, founded in 1978. At that time, management identified a portion of the Reed Relay market whose users have been neglected. That portion is the special requirements area; unusual pin spacing, special package dimensions, unique contact ratings, special coil resistance and voltages!

In today’s world, the trend is toward standardization because that approach seems to be most expedient. What about the application with unique requirements? Do you select a Relay because it looks standard, even though it may not meet ALL of your requirements? AMERICAN RELAYS, INC., being an independent manufacturer, believes in being responsive to those applications with special design considerations and offers it’s customers the best of both worlds.

AMERICAN RELAYS, INC. has combined a blend of the most modern equipment available with "State of the Art" knowledge to produce high quality Reed Relays with unquestionably the fastest delivery time in the industry. All of this helps us maintain very aggressive pricing. Added to this is a continuing R & D program and a staff of engineers geared to provide the correct relay for YOUR application. Since we make our own tooling in-house, our special designed relays are no more expensive than similar standard Reed Relays from other suppliers.

AMERICAN RELAYS, INC. realizes that other segments of the Reed Relay industry requires the use of standard, off the shelf items. We, therefore, also manufacture and stock a vast array of standard Reed Relays commonly used in the industry. In fact, our catalog of standard items shows more industry standard part numbers that any other Reed Relay manufacturer. AMERICAN RELAYS, INC. has the history and technical knowledge to cross reference and match practically any other Reed Relay suppliers part numbers.

All reed switches used in our Reed Relays are 100% tested for contact resistance and operating sensitivity PRIOR to manufacturing your relay. Throughout various stages of production, the relay is inspected to make sure that it meets your required electrical and physical specifications. All finished relays are 100% electrically tested and visually inspected prior to shipment. Our Quality Control system meets all requirements MIL-I-45208.

We at AMERICAN RELAYS, INC. feel that our company is one of the most responsive manufacturers of Reed Relays in the industry. Since our specialty is the design and manufacturer of Reed Relays ONLY, all of our energy is devoted exclusively to the latest Reed Relay technology.

This philosophy has allowed us to fill a need in our industry and had contributed to our success and growth. We trust that when you have a special requirement or just need a quality standard Reed Relay, you will call AMERICAN RELAYS, INC.